• Teens are baby adults with underdeveloped executive skills, countless opportunities, too much choice, no experience and
    undeveloped brains!

  • Why are you surprised they struggle?

  • Reach out for HELP!

    Getting appropriate professional help can provide healthier ways to cope.

  • At Bayridge we have a team of counselors that specialize in teen issues. Our teens literally love our therapists.

    If you or your teen is struggling, we can HELP!

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Inter-Personal Therapy
  • Bio-Feed Back Training
  • EMDR Trauma Therapy
  • Educational Support Groups
  • Counselling for Teens

  • Personally Designed Treatment Counselling
  • Comprehensive Anxiety Program

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bayridge
  1. 25 years of experience
  2. A Large Multi-disciplined Team
  3. Covered by Extended Health Care
  4. Therapist that specialize in focused areas
  5. An interactive online program


There are several obvious reasons why teens struggle.
  1. They must leave the safety of their parents’ world and wander out into the adult world – the tribal ‘Rights of Passage’ was not for fun. Some did not make it back.
  2. Their brains have not developed.
  3. They have not had to utilize their executive skills on the landscape of adult stress. Strategic planning, organizing, assessing risk and resistance of peer pressure are all newly tested.
  4. They cannot know who they are until their brains fully develop.
  5. They feel they should be able to do everything on their own but they have never done it.
  6. They haven’t fought and faced their own raging anger, throbbing passions or paralyzing fears. But worst of all, they have not had to learn that the King of the Jungle is not the external foes but their own internal foe - their own ego.

What are the Top 7 Dangers in your teen’s life?

  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression (example: College Depression)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Anger Containment
  • Sexuality
  • Bullying and Violence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Cutting and Self-harming Behaviours
  • Eating Disorders

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